Military Soap

Why do I need a soap that removes heavy metals?

Whether you work at a shooting range or shoot recreationally – very harmful gases are given off when you shoot.

The whole problem is that although they poison your body, the effects are not immediate. The body accumulates them and, of course, at the least opportune moment in life, it will bill you for your actions.

To say that lead harms is a truism. And not just the kind that flies a few hundred metres per second – which we will notice immediately if it hits us – but also the kind emitted in the form of gunpowder gases.

Heavy metals accumulate in the body, especially in the liver and kidneys, and damage them and can cause acute or chronic poisoning (e.g. lead or mercury).

They also have a toxic effect on the brain, hence symptoms from the nervous system often appear, such as sleep disorders, impaired concentration and memory, paresis and even symptoms resembling mental illness.

Heavy metals can also lead to bone decalcification, infertility, adverse changes in the cardiovascular system, damage to the foetus, and cancer.

Chronic fatigue, weakness, fluctuating emotional states, memory or sleep disorders – how many of us associate this with a great hobby at the shooting range?

However, once the poison enters the body, it works continuously…

For our safety, we should minimise the risk – use a mask at the shooting range (which is inconvenient)- and wash the harmful metals off our skin. And especially when we are about to eat a meal….

And isn’t ordinary soap enough?

Unfortunately, no. Ordinary soap will expand the pores of the skin making it easier for the poison to enter the body. MILITARY SOAP is a clinically tested formulation with proven heavy metal removal properties. It can be used on hands, the whole body and even hair.

In addition, it has been enriched with moisturising substances that provide the skin with adequate protection without drying it out and giving it a velvety smoothness.

Dermatologically tested.

When used regularly, it minimises the risk of lead.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones – health is priceless.

Capacity 50, 300 and 4000ml.