CLP OIL from RifleCX (100 ml)

Why do I need CLP OIL from RifleCX

In short – to make your weapon run smoothly and to reduce its wear. Apply CLP OIL from RifleCX after using the GUN CLEANER from RifleCX and CARE SPRAY with TEFLON from RifleCX. Its thick consistency and a special chemical composition (no lint sticks to it) cause the weapon to operate in smooth mode. CLP OIL from RifleCX is applied to the moving parts – especially the guides and the trigger mechanism. It is also worth smearing it on the barrel of the gun – it will not rub against the lock and we will avoid chafing on it.  


Just a little is enough – let’s not flood the gun with large amounts, in the case of CLP OIL from RifleCX there is no such need. It will reduce friction and protect our equipment against water, acids and alkalis. It lasts a very long time so we can be calm – the weapon will work reliably. CLP OIL from RifleCX firmly and permanently adheres to the surface, ensuring resistance to abrasion under pressure, high pressure and temperature. Also it is safe for wood.



CLP OIL from RifleCX should be applied to moving places to protect the surface and reduce friction – also of elements exposed to high temperatures: up to 250°C.  

CLP OIL from RifleCX protects the elements of the weapon against the influence of water, acids and bases. It stays on moving and rotating surfaces for a very long time. CLP OIL from RifleCX protects the surface from the sticking of gunpowder combustion products and other contaminants.



It is characterized by high protection against wear, protects elements against micropitting, i.e. fatigue damage to the surface of the material. Creates a barrier against the aggressive effects of water or corrosive gases. Increases resistance to oxidation of elements. Provides thermo-oxidative stability – long-term anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation protection of lubricated surfaces. 


Capacity: 100 ml. 

Application tip. 

Works at temperatures up to 250°C.