TEFLON GREASE from RifleCX (100 g)

 Why do I need TEFLON GREASE from RifleCX?

Do you remember those old days when all the recruits were sitting on the zetka (mandatory military service) and cleaning the gas piston for the AK in the sand? Today, technology has moved forward and the training system has changed a bit. After cleaning the gun, lubricate the gas piston with TEFLON GREASE from RifleCX. After shooting, remove the piston, wipe it with a cloth and … ready, the piston is like new. All dirt comes off with the old TEFLON GREASE from RifleCX – you don’t have to scrub the metal for hours anymore. 

TEFLON GREASE from RifleCX is recommended for long guns – thanks to it, your gun works smoothly and its wear is greatly reduced. It reduces friction, protects against corrosion and, above all, facilitates cleaning by preventing carbon deposits from sticking to metal parts. RifleCX, as one of the few manufacturers in the world, uses the original Teflon® by DuPont and not Chinese substitutes. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your weapon is covered with the highest quality product, which allows for trouble-free operation at low (up to -60°C) and very high temperatures while maintaining an unchanged form.

Apply the TEFLON GREASE from RifleCX after using the GUN CLEANER from RifleCX and CARE SPRAY with TEFLON from RifleCX.


Clean all weapon components with RifleCX preparations. Take the measured amount out of the packaging and apply it to the weapon.


The grease is stable over a wide temperature range. Safe for the user (does not contain harmful substances). Safe for all surfaces (metal, plastics, rubber, etc.). Stable under heavy loads.thixotropic. Waterproof. Incombustible. Protects metal surfaces against corrosion.

Capacity: 100g.