SILENCER CLEANER from RifleCX (600 ml)

Why do I need SILENCER CLEANER from RifleCX?

Until recently, silencers for firearms were a very controversial topic in Poland. Associated with commandos eliminating bin Laden, they generated endless discussions about their legality, assembly, use and so on… Today, fortunately, they are becoming more and more popular. Used at shooting ranges, they allow to reduce the noise and discomfort of its neighborhood and significantly reduce the number of complaints from local residents. 

Silencers are also used during hunting, for hunting weapons. To meet the needs of their owners, RifleCX has created a product for cleaning them (Both for detachable and non-detachable versions). The priority was for the product to be effective and safe, i.e. remove dirt and not damage silencer. We are the only manufacturer of such a preparation in Poland.


Removable silencer: disassemble the silencer, spray with SILENCER CLEANER from RifleCX, wait 10 minutes, remove the gunpowder residue with a copper brush, preserve the silencer with CARE SPRAY with TEFLON from RifleCX. Non-dismountable silencer: pour or immerse the silencer in the SILENCER CLEANER from RifleCX, wait 10 minutes, rinse and then preserve it with CARE SPRAY with TEFLON from RifleCX. In the case of very dirty mufflers, the time needed to clean can be extended to 30 minutes. Repeat if necessary. We recommend cleaning the silencer regularly, preferably after each use.

ATTENTION – discoloration may occur with poor quality oxide or a silencer painted with paint. We recommend performing a control test on a small area of the silencer.


An agent specially developed for cleaning mufflers. Quick and easy cleaning. Cleans and removes burnt powder residue. The composition ensures perfect wetting of the washed surfaces and effective binding of dirt, thanks to which we get very good results after the first use. Contains surfactants as well as corrosion inhibitors to prevent metal corrosion.Does not leave deposits on cleaned surfaces. Very good effect without the need to heat the preparation.